From 1991-1993, I studied Piano Tuning & Repairs under the direction of Ken Forrest, Alastair Laurence, (the late) Mick Danby and Mark Challinor, at the City of Leeds College of Music – a joint BTEC National Diploma & City and Guilds qualification. At the end of both courses, I achieved a Distinction and was awarded the college’s ‘Broadwood Trust Prize for Piano Technology’.


Past & current tuning clients include:

BBC Birmingham, Ladbrooke Pianos (Birmingham), Halesowen Choral Society, Houghton Hall (Lord Cholmondeley), Sir Stephen Hough, Music in Burnham, Lord & Lady Ullswater, Holkham Hall, Wells Maltings, Lady Rawlings, Corn Exchange King’s Lynn.

Domestic (Home) Tuning

Where possible, a piano will be pulled up to concert pitch (A440Hz, C532Hz), but prior inspection of the instrument will be undertaken for this to be ascertained. Where repairs are necessary, clients will be informed prior to any works taking place.

It is advisable to have your piano tuned regularly. A standard time-frame is every six months, but if an instrument is in constant use, then more frequent visits will be needed. This will be advised during a tuning visit.

It is also recommended that you keep a check on the conditions of the room where a piano is situated and make sure it is neither too damp/cold or too dry/hot. It would be useful for owners to purchase a hygrometer. They are relatively inexpensive and will give you a useful frame of reference.

Concert Tuning

It is advisable that the instrument is ‘in-situ’ prior to tuning and (where possible) any temperature considerations are taken into account. For a concert, the piano will require at least two tunings: One pitch correction and fine tuning, followed by a ‘top up’ tuning.

Please contact us for further information and pricing.